Durable Medical Equipment Services

We take pride in offering high quality DME services and equipment to our patients. Positive patient interaction and follow-up services are the prime focus of our DME, ensuring that the patient makes the transition to therapy smoothly.

Our in house DME provides patients with the latest CPAP machines and accessories. Jason Cowlishaw, our experienced DME coordinator, works closely with patients to ensure they receive equipment that best meets their needs.

Do you have questions or need help with your CPAP? Contact Jason in the DME:

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Are you currently a patient of our DME?

You can also contact the DME office Monday thru Thursday 9am-4pm & Friday until 12pm at 503-972-4692.

If you are a cash pay patient, discounts are available for CPAP equipment through our DME services. 

You must be a patient of Oregon Sleep Associates to utilize our DME services. 

If you cannot use our DME, we endorse SleepDirect.com as the best source of PAP equipment online.