What to Expect at Oregon Sleep Associates


  • Before a sleep study can be ordered, you must first have a consultation with either one of our sleep specialists. During the consultation the doctor will review your sleep concerns, symptoms, and past medical history. Based upon this analysis, the doctor will decide if a sleep study is necessary for diagnosis and treatment.


  • If a sleep study is ordered, our office will arrange a time for you to come to the lab. Upon arriving you will be greeted by our friendly staff of night technicians, who will show you to your room.

  • You will be allowed time to relax and get comfortable. Before bedtime, your technician will apply electrodes with tape or paste. These will be applied to your scalp, face, chest, and legs. The electrodes will monitor brain waves, muscle movement, and your heart rhythm.

  • Elastic bands will be placed around your chest and abdomen that monitor breathing activity, and a sensor will be taped under your nose to monitor the airflow when you breathe. An additional sensor will be taped to your finger to monitor the oxygen saturation of your blood. None of this equipment is invasive and will not cause pain in application or while wearing during the night.

  • After these devices are attached, the wires will be connected to a small box which can be worn around your neck while you are up. When you go to bed, the technician will connect this box to a cable that leads to the machines in the sleep lab control room. You will be free to use the bathroom during the night; however you must call the technician to disconnect you from the equipment beforehand. Once your study is complete, the sensors will be removed and you will be served breakfast and given time to shower.


  • At Oregon Sleep Associates we provide the fastest turn around time possible for your convenience.

  • In the morning after your study, your doctor will review the previous night’s study with you and determine the best course of action with treatment.


  • If you require CPAP equipment, in most cases we can set you up with the needed device before you leave in the morning.

    If you have any questions, please call us at (503) 288-5201.