"A very easy process to find out a very important component as to why I am so tired all the time. I would recommend this process to anyone who is having trouble with sleep issues." 


— Robin H. 


"Your accommodations exceeded my expectations. My technician was polite & professional and made the process easy especially getting used to the equipment."

— John I.

"Top rated techs- very friendly, efficient, and excellent patient bedside manner skills."

— Larry E.


"Experience was easier than I expected. I actually slept better here than in my own bed!"


— Cynthia V.

"Thank you for making this a pleasant and unintimidating experience. I now have confidence that the outcome will be great!"

— Patty S.


"Such an improvement from my past experiences."

 Ronald H.

"I'm planning to stay here during my next vacation."

— Lawrence J.


"Your facility is very comfortable and clean. Having an adjustable bed was a nice luxury. The technician was kind and helpful. An overall professional and thoughtful experience."


— M. L.

"The technician was much more knowledgeable than the other sleep center test I went to. The technician explained in depth about everything & made me feel comfortable about what was going to happen step by step."


— Warren M.

"This was my 3rd sleep study and by far my best experience. Facilities are first rate with excellent professionalism and friendly, informative support and care. You have my highest regards and thanks."

— Brent N.