Also known as polysomnography, an in-laboratory sleep test is the gold standard for diagnosing a variety of sleep disorders. This study requires an overnight stay in one of our patient rooms which are equipped with a queen-size bed, TV, and private bath. Technologists apply sensors to the head, face, chest, and legs. The sensors allow us to collect detailed data about sleep stage frequency and timing, breathing disorders, and abnormal muscle movements and heart rhythms. The data is used to identify obstructive sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, nocturnal seizures, and various circadian rhythm disorders.

Qualified Staff

Our professional technologists are credentialed (RPSGT) with the Board of Registered Polysomnography Technologists (BRPT) and are licensed in Oregon.

Preparing for your sleep study

what to bring

  • Bring comfortable clothes to sleep in. These may include: pajamas, shorts and a t-shirt, nightgown, or other modest sleeping attire. Please avoid wearing pants with tight elastic around the ankles. Also if you plan to leave for work the next morning, remember to bring the necessary items (i.e. change of clothes).

  • For your convenience we supply each patient with shampoo, soap, conditioner, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and earplugs. We can also provide an eye mask, razor, shaving cream, and combs. If you prefer a specific brand or need large quantities of products, especially shampoo or conditioner, you are welcome to bring your own from home as well.

  • Feel free to bring comfort items such as your favorite pillow, blanket, or even a stuffed animal.


  • There may be down time before your hook-up begins, so you may want to bring something to entertain yourself such as a book, laptop, or DVD. We provide free Wi-Fi and cable television.


  • Pack any medications you may need for the night of your study and/or for the next day prior to your departure. IF you plan on using a sleeping pill for the sleep study, the medication should only be taken after arriving at the lab. Before taking any medication please check with the technician regarding its proper use and administration time.

Food and drink

  • Eat all meals as usual. Try not to consume any caffeine after 2:00 p.m. Do not consume any alcohol on the day of your study unless approved by your physician.


  • Please refrain from napping on the day of your study. However, if you nap regularly, do not sleep longer than 30 minutes and cease napping after 1:00 p.m.

other instructions

  • Please remove dark fingernail polish from your nails. It is not necessary to remove acrylic nails or clear nail polish.

  • If it is medically necessary for you to have a caregiver with you at night, please make arrangements with us for this person to accompany you during your stay. We are able to provide sleeping accommodations for your caregiver in your room.

  • Do not bring valuables with you to the sleep center and do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

  • While we try to provide varied breakfast options, not every diet can be accommodated. If you require specific dietary preferences, you are encouraged to bring these items.